Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> Students construct questions using prompts - and then use these same questions to interview their partners.

Cinema and Movies Survey


Write the questions for these answers:

1. Q: ___________________________________?
A: All types. Especially thrillers and war films.

2. Q: ___________________________________?
A: As often as possible. Usually once a week.

3. Q: ___________________________________?
A: My favourite actor is Robert DeNiro and actress, Judy Dench.

4. Q: ___________________________________?
A: No, I don't. I think you miss a lot of the atmosphere watching movies on video.

5. Q: ___________________________________?
A: Not as often as I should. The problem is that I don't like reading subtitles. But it helps with learning the language. Certainly.

6. Q: ___________________________________?
A: It has to be Apocalypse Now! What a great movie.

Now take these 6 questions, put them into the six boxes below and interview another student and see what his/her answers are! Write the answers in the space in the table.

1. ________________? 2. ________________?
3. ________________? 4. ________________?
5. ________________? 6. ________________? Premium

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