Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Fill in the spaces in this exercise to help students differentiate between "can", "could" and "be able to".

Can, Be Able To Worksheet


1. I haven't _________________ concentrate recently at work. I don't know what it is.

2. My brother _________________ cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant.

3. When he was only 2, my friend Lee _________________ speak quite well.

4. I have to go to a business dinner tomorrow night so I _________________ (not) come to the party. I'm very sorry.

5. Kevin lived in Italy for six years, so he must _________________ speak Italian quite well. He will help you with your homework.

6. This telephone is terrible. I _________________ (not) hear you at all.

7. Despite the arrival of the storm, they _________________ to finish the football match.

8. When the car drove into the lake, one of the passengers _________________ (not) open the door and had to be rescued.

9. When I was very young, I used to _________________ touch my toes, but I _________________ (not) now!!

10. The house was totally empty all day yesterday and I _________________ finish that book I was reading.

11. My mother tells me that her grandfather was one of the best musicians of his time in the city and _________________ play the piano like a professional.

12. I hope to _________________ speak English very well after this course finishes. Premium

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