Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Gap fill worksheet to help students see the difference between 'no' and 'not'.

"No" and "Not" Worksheet


Put either no or not for each space in these sentences.

  1. He said he has _____ time to help me so it looks as if I'm on my own!
  2. You have _____ only endangered your own safety but also that of the spectators.
  3. _____ wonder he was late. Look at all the books he's carrying!
  4. Will you _____ try and talk to the boss and see if he can't find another way of increasing profits?
  5. The company had _____ serious rivals in the industry.
  6. The virus is _____ the source of the outbreak. We must keep looking.
  7. There is _____ much money left for another experiment.
  8. _____ longer happy with organizing parties every weekend, Phil decided to form a rock band.
  9. I can see you tomorrow, but _____ on Friday.
  10. I do _____ have any idea what time she'll be arriving.
  11. I have _____ idea what time she'll be arriving. Premium

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