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The Scotland Trip


Read the information about a camping trip to Scotland.

Here are the instructions for next weekend's camping trip in Scotland. There are seventeen people going on this trip so it's important that you arrive at the meeting point early enough for us to be able to leave at 8am. There will be two minibuses and please make sure you are on the right one. Last week's e-mail gave all this information.

We should arrive in the camping area at about 2pm, which will give us enough time to buy the food we need in the local supermarket and then go to the area where we will set up the tents, which is a long way from town.

There will be a total of four large tents put up and each tent will have a tent leader, a person who went on this trip last year and therefore has the necessary experience. If you have any problems during the two days, you should always go directly to your tent leader and speak to him/her.

We are not expecting there to be very bad weather this weekend in Scotland, but the weather situation in the Scottish hills is always very unpredictable and for this reason, we have advised everyone to take wet weather clothing with you. If windy, stormy weather arrives at the camping area, it may also be necessary to leave the hills and go down into the town.

It's very likely that your phones will not work in the hills, so you must warn your parents of this. You will be able to use your phones when we are in the town, but not when we are camping.

If you have any other questions about the trip, come either to me or Mrs. Sanderson. Premium

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