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So / Such Vocabulary Worksheet


Fill the spaces in these sentences that use "so" and "such" using the correct word from the list.

wallet   unbelievable   slowly   steak   gracefully   fat   lies   greed
  1. I ate such a large ________ for dinner, I can't eat anything else.
  2. The thief told the police such an ________ story that they began laughing.
  3. The ballet star danced so ________ and got a standing ovation at the end.
  4. Why do you tell me such big ________ and think I'll believe you?
  5. The cow was so ________ that it couldn't fit through the gate.
  6. I don't understand such ________ in people. They want everything for themselves!
  7. The building collapsed so ________ that everyone escaped in time.
  8. Why do you need such a big ________? Are you rich? Premium

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