Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students choose the correct preposition to go after each adjective, to practice common adjective phrases such as 'ashamed of', 'famous for', etc.

Prepositions After Adjectives Worksheet


Choose the correct preposition after each of these adjectives.

  1. I'm not ashamed ________ being fat.
  2. Are you really afraid ________ the dark, John?
  3. My cousin is brilliant ________ tennis.
  4. The detective was curious ________ the old man's confession.
  5. This sportscar is very different ________ that one.
  6. Are you experienced ________ this type of work?
  7. Picasso was famous ________ painting very abstract pictures.
  8. Why are you so full ________ the joys of spring today?
  9. Are you good ________ languages, Bryan?
  10. Julie looks indentical ________ her sister, doesn't she?
  11. I've been really impressed ________ you in your new job. Congratulations.
  12. Jake is still very jealous ________ his ex-girlfriend after six months. Premium

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