Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students choose the correct preposition to go after each adjective, to practice common adjective phrases such as 'ashamed of', 'famous for', etc.

Prepositions After Adjectives Worksheet 2


Choose the correct preposition after each of these adjectives.

  1. Nobody is keen ________ staying late in the office tonight.
  2. The President has said he is optimistic ________ reaching an agreement before next week.
  3. Tennis is becoming very popular ________ older people.
  4. He isn't qualified ________ this job. Why did he get it?
  5. That book is very relevant ________ the essay I have to write this weekend.
  6. The refugees hid in the cave and were safe ________ the battle outside.
  7. Did you hear Kathy is pregnant? I was totally shocked ________ the news!
  8. This printer isn't very suitable ________ the office. We need a bigger one.
  9. I hate poker and other card games. I'm terrible ________ them!
  10. I was very thankful ________ your uncle for helping me.
  11. That's typical ________ Dan to lend somebody money when they needed it.
  12. Betty is two hours late from work. I'm getting worried ________ her. Premium

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