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Movie Review - Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension


Answer the following questions by choosing the best answer.

1. What does Cecilia not have?
a. A pet
b. A great job
c. A wonderful husband
d. A house she loves

2. When does her wonderful adventure begin?
a. When her dog wins a competition
b. When she goes on vacation to Hollywood
c. When she marries her boyfriend, Carl
d. When she buys the house in a pretty town

3. What happens to Perky in Hollywood?
a. He becomes a star
b. He makes two movies and retires
c. He isn't very successful
d. He's too nervous to work

4. What is Carl's reaction to Cecilia living in Hollywood?
a. He's supportive
b. He's angry
c. He doesn't care
d. He doesn't know she went

5. Why does Cecilia stay in Hollywood?
a. She has no money
b. She hates Carl
c. She wants to become an actress
d. She is too busy making movies Premium

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