Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students learning present perfect often make errors with 'just', 'yet' and 'already'. This error correction worksheet will help.

Error Correction: Just, Yet, Already


These sentences use either 'just', 'yet' or 'already'. Are they correct or not?

1. I haven't been to the new shopping mall yet, but I want to go soon. CORRECT

2. I've ALREADY been to Moscow, in 1998. I don't want to go again. Let's go to St. Petersburg!

3. Stop shouting at me! I've already done all my homework, now I want to watch some TV. CORRECT

4. "Have you cleaned your teeth yet?" "Yes, mom, I did it while you were chatting on the phone." CORRECT

5. Are you going on vacation again? Haven't you just got back from the Caribbean? CORRECT

6. Cynthia has ALREADY got a smartphone. Let's get her something else.

7. "Can you phone your father? He's worried sick about you." "I just did." CORRECT. There are differences in UK and US English in this respect.

8. "Already seen, already seen, already seen! I've seen all of these movies. Oh, this one, I haven't seen yet." CORRECT Premium

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