Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students find errors in the use of 'for' and 'since'.

For/Since Error Correction Worksheet


Look at these sentences in the present perfect. Are "for" and "since" being used correctly or not?

1. They have been going out together SINCE last February.

2. According to this label, the document hasn't been updated FOR two years.

3. Since the summer, the town's population has grown by nearly a quarter. CORRECT

4. Due to the accident, the street has been closed since just after nine o'clock. CORRECT

5. The oldest newspaper in town, The Sentinel, has been published continuously since 120 years ago. CORRECT

6. I've been on a diet FOR such a long time, it's so depressing!

7. The whole family spent August in Chicago. They've done that every year for ages. CORRECT

8. For the longest time, I've wanted to do that and now I have! CORRECT Premium

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