Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Vocabulary worksheet that gives your student practice at compound nouns.

Compound Nouns - Right or Wrong?


Are the compound nouns being used correctly in these sentences? Are they Correct or Wrong?

  1. My uncle bought a horserace, but he broke his leg after two races.
  2. There was a blackbird on the window this morning. It was a crow, I think.
  3. I finished my screenplay at last. Now I have to send it to everyone!
  4. Police found the suspect's fingersprint at the scene and arrested him.
  5. This housefarm was built in the 1790s and it's very expensive.
  6. They closed the nightclub because it didn't have a good fire escape.
  7. I recommend you try the swordfish here. It's excellent.
  8. The peace treaty was signed inside the old courthouse. Premium

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