Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> The use of 'been' and 'gone' is the focus of this error correction worksheet.

Been & Gone Error Correction Worksheet


Look how 'been' and 'gone' are used in these sentences. Is each sentence correct or not?

1. If you've already gone to Canada, why are you planning another vacation there?

2. "Where's your husband, Mrs. Lawrie?" the gangster asked. "It's too late, he's gone to the police. It's over, give yourself up!"

3. James isn't here at the moment. He's been to speak to the marketing department. Can I take a message?

4. You've gone to Ireland before, haven't you? Tell me what it's like.

5. Wait a few minutes before starting the DVD. Harry's been to the kitchen to get some more beer.

6. The lake is empty at this time of year. All the swans have gone south for the winter.

7. Why do we have to go to the tax office again? We've been three times already!

8. I've gone to six bookstores in this city and finally I've found what I was looking for! Premium

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