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Aunt Helen's House


Do these multiple choice questions based on the "Aunt Helen's House" story.

1. The narrator describes the house where her aunt lives all year.

2. Why did the people leave Miller's Ford
the haunted house
the lake flooded
the economy

3. Aunt Helen also believes there's something "strange" in the house.

4. Why was the narrator looking for Aunt Helen?
to tell her about the nursery
to greet her
to have breakfast

5. Why did the narrator think it wasn't a "normal conversation"?
the people were shouting
the voices were strange
she heard only one person

6. What did Aunt Helen say about the nursery?
that she never used it
she didn't like to use it
the room was locked

7. Who took the baby in the story?
a friend of the babysitter
nobody knows
the babysitter

8. Why does the ghost probably stay in the nursery?
because of the lake view
she jumped from that window
it feels guilty about what happened Premium

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