Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Worksheet to understand better the difference between "as" and "like".

"As" or "Like" Worksheet


For each space, choose either "as" or "like" to complete the sentence.

1. My mother said we couldn't have a snake __AS__ a pet.

2. Don't take everything I say __AS__ an insult. You're so sensitive!

3. The whole evening felt __LIKE__ a dream to me. It was wonderful.

4. I have to keep practicing the guitar. I want to be able to play it __LIKE__ you.

5. John's boss told his to do __AS__ he liked. He was furious with him.

6. I can't stand eating seafood __LIKE__ this. Can we order something else?

7. You're just __LIKE__ your brother. You even have the same color eyes.

8. Though her job title was secretary, she worked more __AS__ a personal assistant and was well paid. (LIKE here would mean "in the manner of" not "in the role of".) Premium

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