Pre-Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Students read a short passage about Tom's weekend filling in all the prepositions that have been left out. Then they answer a few questions about the text.

Tom's Terrible Weekend


Fill in all the spaces with a preposition. Sometimes, there is no preposition required - just put a 'X' in the space. Then answer the question below the text.

This weekend was a disaster _______ Tom. _______ Saturday, he met _______ a friend in the city centre to have a coffee _______ a bar. Tom ordered _______ an espresso and his friend asked _______ a cappuccino. They talked _______ what they wanted to do _______ Saturday evening. Tom said _______ his friend that he wanted to go _______ a new disco called the Pink Flamingo and Tom's friend Phil agreed _______ him. Phil told _______ Tom that he would call _______ two girls he knew to invite them too, paid _______ the coffees and they left _______ the bar together.

So, _______ 9pm Tom went _______ the disco and waited _______ his friends. _______ half an hour, he was worried _______ his friends. Lots of people arrived _______ the new disco - but not his friend Phil or the girls he knew. So Tom took out his cell phone and wrote a message _______ Phil. "Where are you? I am waiting _______ you! I am in front _______ the disco." _______ two minutes, Phil replied _______ Tom: "We are opposite _______ the disco, but we can't see you." Tom wrote back: "OK, we will find each other _______ a few minutes. Do you think the disco looks nice?" "Yes," replied Phil, "but isn't the Pink Peacock a strange name _______ a disco."

  1. Did they both drink coffees in the bar?
  2. Did Tom know the two girls?
  3. Who paid for the coffees?
  4. Was the new disco popular or not?
  5. Did Tom call Phil?
  6. Were they near each other?
  7. Whose fault was the mix-up? Premium

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