Pre-Intermediate Level >> Games >> Students are given the start of a sentence and need to finish it off using either "So" or "Because" depending on the toss of a coin.



For this, you need a coin. Each student takes it in turns to throw the coin:

Then he/she picks one of these cards are finishes it using either "so" or "because" - depending on what was selected with the coin.

I'm tired We lost the match
The government lost the election My sister is a bit fat
He lost the money That restaurant is very expensive
You should stop smoking I didn't get that job I applied for
There is nothing on television tonight We don't have anything to eat tonight
My mother didn't have breakfast this morning I hate this type of music
We stayed in a 5-star hotel I lost all my money on the metro
My favourite color is yellow I am 1m 80 tall Premium

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