Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Error Correction needing students to differentiate between past simple and present perfect use.

Error Correction: Present Perfect & Past Simple


1. Mark has taught nine lessons yesterday. NO, 'MARK TAUGHT NINE.....'

2. Tahid works in an Indian restaurant. He has cooked 327 meals this week! OK.

3. John has been to South Carolina (USA) last Christmas to visit his girlfriend. NO, 'JOHN WENT TO SOUTH CAROLINA....'

4. I live in this town for two years and I like it very much. NO, 'I HAVE LIVED IN THIS.....'

5. Candice loves travelling. She went to New York, Hong Kong, Thailand, South America and Russia. NO, 'SHE HAS BEEN TO.....'

6. Last year we bought a new house in Spain. OK.

7. Neil has danced the Lambada with Jennifer Lopez last summer in San Tropez! NO, 'NEIL DANCED THE LAMBADA....'

8. The Queen Mother lived in London for 100 years. NO, 'THE QUEEN MOTHER HAS LIVED.......'

9. The Beatles have made ten albums and were very successful. NO, 'THE BEATLES MADE TEN ALBUMS....'

10. The Rolling Stones have made thirty two albums and are very successful. OK. Premium

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