Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Error Correction needing students to differentiate between past simple and present perfect use.

Error Correction: Present Perfect & Past Simple


Where are the errors in these sentences?

1. I have never been to England.

2. I am studying English for 20 minutes.

3. Did you ever been to Paris?

4. I haven't seen John today.

5. Freddy Mercury never went to university.

6. I like Madonna for five years.

7. He has been a teacher for ten years.

8. I am knowing him since 1995.

9. Have you ever been to London?

10. Did you see the doctor yet?

11. Tony Blair have been the British Prime Minister for eight years.

12. It is raining for two hours.

13. I have read something very interesting in the newspaper last week.

14. When you went to Rome last week, have you seen the Vatican? Premium

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