Pre-Intermediate Level >> Speaking and Conversation Materials/Discussion Starters >> This can be used primarily as a needs analysis activity or can be used to start a more informal discussion between members of the class.

Why Are You Learning English?


For each statement, circle a number depending on whether it is true for you or not.

Reading and writing in English is very important for me. 1    2    3
Good pronunciation is important to me. 1    2    3
I need to learn a special "type" of English (business, British, academic) 1    2    3
I need to use English on the phone. 1    2    3
I want English for my personal culture - music, films, books. 1    2    3
Writing well in English isn't important for me. 1    2    3
I find English grammar very difficult. 1    2    3
I will travel more if my English is better. 1    2    3
I have little time to study outside this school. 1    2    3 Premium

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