Pre-Intermediate Level >> Games >> As in normal dominoes, students have to lay down their dominoes so that all like language parts (noun, verb, article, etc, etc) are together.

Language Parts Dominoes


As in normal dominoes, like pairs must be put together. Here, students will be practising identifying different parts of language to help them in their independent study. So, for example, 'well' can be put next to 'beautifully'. Clearly, this is only a tiny list here given as an example and this activity can be used to help your students practice whatever lexical areas you are covering in the class.

Beautiful In
Well Careless
Beauty Out
Useful Improvement
On International
Useless Went
Used Into
Interesting Departure
Interested Boring
Arrival Depart
Bored Arrive
Speedy Watched
Speed Under
Boredom Carefully Premium

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