Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students try to work out the correct sentences to 'buy' whilst avoiding those they suspect have errors in. This one gives practice with different verb patterns.

Verb Pattern Error Correction


1. Peter's sister's dog is black and brown with a pink nose. OK.

2. When I was young I could ski and I couldn't drive.

3. When last did you fall in love? 'When did you last....'

4. I like going to the beach on Sundays. OK.

5. Cagliari losed 2-1 to Salernitana last week.

6. My house is bigger than theirs but their garden is bigger than my.

7. Have you ever go to Holland?

8. Disco bars are more interesting than restaurants. OK.

9. I'd like to have a Ferrari but I've got a Panda. OK.

10. Geoff is visiting his mother tomorrow evening. OK.

11. Have your sister ever driven a Toyota?

12. Neil is more intelligent than Mark, but Martin is the most intelligent. OK.

13. She is wearing a white shirt, black shoes and a black trousers.

14. I usually go to bed after one o'clock and rarely get up before nine o'clock. OK.

15. What is your teacher like? He likes beer and beautiful women. Wrong answer. Should be something like 'he is very generous...' etc, etc. Premium

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