Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students try to work out the correct sentences to 'buy' whilst avoiding those they suspect have errors in. This one serves to practice quantifiers.

Quantifier Error Correction


This can be done as a straight error correction worksheet either in the class or given as homework. More enjoyable is a 'grammar auction' where groups of students are given a set amount of money (£2000 or $2000) and have to bid for or buy sentences they think are correct.

1. Have you got some brothers or sisters?

2. There are a few people here.

3. There isn't much carrots left.

4. How much flour do we need?

5. I don't want to do anything tonight.

6. I need much information.

7. Are there any carrots?

8. There's a little milk in the fridge.

9. How much beef do we need?

10. Anyone here knows nothing!!!

11. There aren't much apples in the cupboard.

12. How many beers did you buy?

13. There is a lot of potatoes.

14. I want only a few milk for this recipe.

15. How many news do you have of the accident? Premium

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