Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students try to work out the correct sentences to 'buy' whilst avoiding those they suspect have errors in. This one serves to review pre-intermediate level.

Error Correction Worksheet


This can be done as a straight error correction worksheet either in the class or given as homework. More enjoyable is a 'grammar auction' where groups of students are given a set amount of money (£2000 or $2000) and have to bid for or buy sentences they think are correct.

1. Did you visit the Statue of Liberty yet?

2. Every Saturday, I go to bed at about midnight.

3. I already did a course in trigonometry so this year, I'll do algebra.

4. I didn't go shopping because I didn't have any money.

5. I have gone to America twice.

6. I like go to the beach at 6pm when there are less people there.

7. I read a very interesting novel this month by Stephen King.

8. I saw 'Gone With The Wind' five times, so I don't want to see it again.

9. If the weather is terrible tomorrow, we can go to the cinema.

10. Last year, I bought more than twenty CDs.

11. Oh no!! No bread!! I am going to go to the supermarket to buy some.

12. She has just returned from her safari holiday in Kenya.

13. She usually goes to work on foot but this week, she takes the bus.

14. She will not come if there are no trains in the morning.

15. Tomorrow, I am going to visit my uncle in Scotland.

16. What did you do when the accident happened?

17. What time do your mother have breakfast in the morning?

18. When did you went to Paris?

19. When I got up this morning, the sun shone.

20. When I was on holiday in Mozambique, I toke 200 photos.

21. When is your father coming to stay with you?

22. Why is your father cutting down all the trees in the garden? Premium

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