Pre-Intermediate Level >> Games >> It's a game to practice 'going to' future that works best as a whole class thing.

'Going To' Card Game


The teacher uses his/her bag/briefcase for this. The teacher takes out the cards printed below one by one and asks why this item is in their bag.

E.g. 'Why do I have a tennis racquet in my bag?'

The students are encouraged to give suggestions which can be standard ('You're going to play tennis after the lesson.') or a little more off the wall...that depends on how you want to do the game.

The students' bags can be used to make the game a little more enjoyable ('Maria, why do you have my address and a gun in your bag?')

A snorkel A shoe A football
A mouse A corkscrew A radio
A tennis racquet An apple A pair of scissors
A bible A fork A photo of myself
A thousand pounds A computer disk A camera
A towel A gun A toothbrush
A teddy bear A calculator A paintbrush Premium

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