Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> A nice easy start to a course with this review of the main points of an elementary level syllabus.

Pre-Intermediate: lesson one review of elementary


  1. He has two dogs and a cat. OK.
  2. It's 7 o'clock so my brother probably reads in his bedroom now.
  3. London is more big than Amsterdam.
  4. I go in the beach the Saturdays.
  5. Teresa is my aunt and I like she very much.
  6. First I went to the beach, then I walked to my friend's house. OK.
  7. My mother have a big house.
  8. I often go to the beach whit my brothers.
  9. I want any apples please.
  10. My brother is fat and has 26 years.
  11. There is four cinemas in this city.
  12. Oxford is a very small country in England.
  13. I like going shopping after Christmas when there are the sales. OK.
  14. She can write in Japanese and Chinese. OK.
  15. I go with the bus every day to go at my school. Premium

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