Pre-Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> A nice easy start to a course with this review of the main points of an elementary level syllabus.

Pre-Intermediate: lesson one review of elementary


Are these sentences correct or not???

After each sentence, write if you think the sentence is Correct, Not Correct or Not Sure.

  1. He has two dogs and a cat.
  2. It's 7 o'clock so my brother probably reads in his bedroom now.
  3. London is more big than Amsterdam.
  4. I go in the beach the Saturdays.
  5. Teresa is my aunt and I like she very much.
  6. First I went to the beach, then I walked to my friend's house.
  7. My mother have a big house.
  8. I often go to the beach whit my brothers.
  9. I want any apples please.
  10. My brother is fat and has 26 years.
  11. There is four cinemas in this city.
  12. Oxford is a very small country in England.
  13. I like going shopping after Christmas when there are the sales.
  14. She can write in Japanese and Chinese.
  15. I go with the bus every day to go at my school. Premium

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