Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Structure >> Overview of first conditional formation and following exercise.

First Conditional


Complete these first conditional sentences:

1. If you DON'T HURRY (not \ hurry), we will be late!

2. If Enrico PASSES (pass) his exam, he will be very happy.

3. If Enrico FAILS (fail) his exam, he WON'T BE (not be ) very happy.

4. If you stay awake all night, you WILL BE (be) very tired tomorrow.

5. Alan WON'T BUY ( not \ win ) the lottery if he DOESN'T BUY (not \ buy) a ticket.

6. If you eat too much chocolate you WILL BECOME ( become ) fat.

7. We WON'T GO (not \ go ) to the restaurant if you're not hungry.

8. If Rick DRIVES (drive) too fast he WILL HAVE (have) an accident. Premium

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