Pre-Intermediate Level >> Miscellaneous Materials >> This helps lower level students get the most out of monolingual dictionaries and can be effectively used near the beginning of a course.

Dictionary Use Worksheet.


Find the following information:

1. Where do you wear Wellington Boots?

2. When is Boxing Day?

3. What is the name of a young cat?

4. There are two opposites to old. What are they?

5. On a car, what is the name of the window at the front?

6. Is cargo a noun, verb or adjective?

7. Do you give, make or take an exam?

8. Which is correct, 'how much music' or 'how many musics'?

9. What is the past of spend?

10. What is the plural of wife? Is it regular?

11. Is the pronunciation of break and brake the same or different?

12. Which syllable of Japan is stressed? The first or the second?

13. How many vowel sounds are there in English?

14. Can we use an before a consonant? And a before a vowel?

15. How do you say this date: 5 August 1969?

16. What is the nationality of someone from Iraq? Premium

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