Pre-Intermediate Level >> Speaking and Conversation Materials/Discussion Starters >> This was a letter I really received from Demi (!). Oh, and it can also be used to practice 'should' for advice and lead onto a general 'agony aunt' activity.

Demi Moore Letter


Read this letter and decide what advice you could give her to help with her problems. Use "should".

1743, Hollywood Mansions
Beverly Hills,
Los Angeles,
CA 09435
United States

My dearest Neil,

I hope you can help me because I have a very big problem and you are my last chance.

I have one son who is 26 and I love him very much. But I have many problems with him. He doesn't have a job and he gets up at midday every day and shouts at me if I don't have his lunch ready.

He says he has better things to do with his life than to get a job. Every day, he watches TV all day while I do his washing and clean his room. At 8p.m., he goes to the pub and comes back to the house with a different woman every night.

I worry about him and think that maybe I am too strict with him.

Please help me!!

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