Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Structure >> To practice all forms of conditionals. A story, using conditionals, goes from student to student. Good practice of the structure of conditional sentences.

Conditional Chains.


This particular activity has been set for practice of second conditional but can be equally adapted for zero, first or third conditional too. I find it very useful to work on the actual structure of whichever conditional you choose to focus on.

A competitive edge can be put on the game, but I prefer to keep it relaxed.

One student or the teacher picks one of the pieces of paper with a conditional sentence on it from the choices below.

For example: If I lost my job tomorrow...

The teacher then asks the next student (randomly or in a line around the class) to give a follow-up sentence to the first which must be both logically and grammatically possible:

I will be unhappy is not grammatically possible
I would buy a car is not (very) logically possible
I would go and live in another country is acceptable.

The third student then follows on from the second sentence with a full conditional. E.g.:

If I went to live in another country, I would have to learn another language.

And on it goes until the teacher decides it has run its course or the students are struggling to continue the chain.

Making the students give full sentences focuses their minds on the transformations necessary: 'I would go...' becomes 'if I went...', etc, etc.

Possible first sentences:

If a famous film star proposed to you. If you found a wallet with $5000 in.
If you could speak perfect English. If you could run very fast.
If a tiger came into the school now. If you had the chance to learn any musical instrument.
If you could choose any country in the world to live in. If you were the leader of your country. Premium

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