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Articles Error Correction


Look at the following sentences which all have examples of the definite and indefinite articles. Which ones are correct and which are incorrect?

  1. Children in Italy go to the school when they are 6. "the" not necessary.
  2. I want to go to the university in California. "the" not necessary.
  3. Sheila works in the same factory as you do. Do you know her? Correct.
  4. Can you take me to the airport tomorrow morning at 7am? Correct.
  5. Why do you always have the breakfast so late? "the" not necessary.
  6. Mike is in the prison. He robbed a bank two years ago. "the" not necessary.
  7. I'm going to the bed. I'm so tired. "the" not necessary.
  8. There was a lot of traffic this morning and I didn't get to the school until 10.15am. Correct - a particular school, not a general idea.
  9. The virus outbreak means the hospital will be closed for two days. Correct - again, a particular hospital.
  10. The elephants eat grass and live in India and Africa. "the" not necessary.
  11. The music in that disco was terrible, don't you think? Correct.
  12. Do you like the classical music or do you prefer the rock? "the" not necessary.
  13. When my aunt was in the hospital, I visited her every day. "the" not necessary. Premium

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