Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Exercise based on adjective order in English which depends on factors such as nationality, size, material, opinion, use, etc. Students put adjectives in their natural order. Here you will find groups of only up to 3 adjectives. Many exercises will get students re-ordering up to six or seven adjectives in a long chain which we all know is unnatural and would be avoided in 'real' English.

Adjective Word Order


Put the adjectives in this sentence into the correct order.

1. My father has a big - black cat.

2. Your uncle is a mean - silly - old fool

3. The Highlands of Scotland is a beautiful - mountainous area.

4. She was wearing a silk - red - wonderful dress at the party.

5. Bring that Calligraphy - old - long pen over to me please.

6. He used to play a/n blues - electric - red guitar.

7. The Spaniel is an intelligent - hunting dog.

8. Rimini is a/n tourist - ugly - expensive town in Italy

9. He still drives that blue - strange - wooden car around.

10. How many of those old - torn banknotes do you have? Premium

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