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Mixed Up Letter - My Vacation


The following letter from Mike about his recent European vacation was sent to Linda. Unfortunately, her dog chewed it up and now Mike needs to put it back in the right order. Can you help him?

Dear Linda,

How are things with you. It was great talking to you yesterday by phone.

As I told you yesterday, I am in Rome today. Tomorrow we are getting the train down into the south of the country and then the ship across to Greece.

I can't wait to arrive in Athens to see all that history. Let me tell you something about where we have visited so far. I know you want to come here on vacation too one day!

We started in England and we spent two days in London and another day in Canterbury. We saw a lot of great history and the only bad thing was the weather - it rained for the whole time we were there. Can you believe it?

At least when we got to Paris, the sun was shining! We only stayed for one afternoon in the French capital because my friends really wanted to visit Euro Disney which is to the east of Paris.

Well, I have to say I prefer the American Disneyland. But we met some nice people from Canada and spent two great days with them. One of them, Clive, is going to your university next year. How's that for a coincidence!

Clive and his wife left us once we got to Germany by train. They went up into Denmark but we continued to Munich. Wow - what a great city. I bought you a surprise gift there. I hope you like it.

After that, we went south into Switzerland. It was very expensive and we couldn't stay as long as we wanted to, so that's why we're in Italy now!

OK, that's enough from me for now. I want to post this letter now so you get it by the weekend.

See you soon,

Mike Premium

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