Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> All vocabulary in this fill-the-blanks worksheet is related to travel and methods/modes of transport.

Traveling Vocabulary


Each mode of transport has four questions. Choose the best word for each blank.


1. The Chicago train leaves from __________ 4.
a. line
b. bank
c. quay
d. platform

2. Before getting on the train, make sure you get a ticket from the __________.
a. ticket office
b. box office
c. waiting room
d. check in

3. I had so much __________ on the train, but this nice man helped me when we arrived in Paris.
a. bags
b. luggage
c. box
d. packing

4. I got into St. Louis too late and I missed my __________ to New Orleans.
a. connect
b. connection
c. coincidence
d. link


1. After you leave Beaumont, there's a large __________ and you'll be able to get where you want really quickly.
a. street
b. lane
c. highway
d. path

2. If the police stop you, you will probably have to show them your __________.
a. patent
b. permission
c. photo
d. licence

3. You were going 20mph over the __________. I'm going to have to give you a fine.
a. speed limit
b. speed barrier
c. speed rule
d. speed maximum

4. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure all passengers in the car are wearing their __________.
a. harnesses
b. belts
c. seat belts
d. safety harnesses


1. After you check in, wait in the __________ until you hear your flight called.
a. waiting room
b. reception
c. check in lounge
d. departure lounge

2. All flights to Canada go out of our southern __________. You need to catch an airport bus.
a. block
b. terminal
c. station
d. zone

3. Would you prefer a window seat or an __________ seat, Mr. Jenkins?
a. corridor
b. line
c. aisle
d. non-window

4. Please ensure you have fully filled out the green form for __________ before we land, stating anything on the list you are carrying into the country.
a. customs
b. police
c. immigration
d. aviation Premium

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