Pre-Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Worksheet to help with words which cause students confusion as to whether they are singular or plural.

Plural and Singular Words


Place these words into the correct box below depending on whether they are always plural or if a singular form exists.

shorts   boots   people  eyes   men  scissors   expenses  clothes   billiards   degrees  mathematics   linguistics   diabetes  glasses  feet

Always Plural Singular Form Too

Now use one of the words, in the correct singular/plural form, to fill each of the blanks in these sentences.

  1. The room was crowded but not a single ___________ came to help me.
  2. I don't want a whole bottle of wine. Just give me a ___________.
  3. He was always interested in numbers when he was young and now he's studying ___________ at university.
  4. Due to my ___________, I need an insulin shot every day.
  5. I have to cut this thread. Can you pass me the ___________.
  6. She graduated from UCLA with a ___________ in genetics.
  7. I've been limping all week. My left ___________ is really hurting and I'll have to go and see a doctor about it. Premium

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