Pre-Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Read about Clark and Clare's first meeting. Students then have a vocabulary exercise to do and a true/false reading comprehension exercise.

Clark Meets Clare


The first time I ever met Clare, she was working in a clothes store in Chicago. I was feeling pretty embarrassed because I had gone in to buy a scarf for my sister and there were 20 or 30 women in there and I was the only man. I was standing in the scarves, hats and gloves section feeling sorry for myself when Clare walked up to me and asked me if there was anything I needed.

She looked very beautiful and was dressed elegantly. I must admit that for a couple of seconds, I wasn't able to say anything. I just looked at her. Finally, I said, "what size scarves do you have?" and then realized that it was quite a stupid question. I left the store a few seconds later without buying anything.

Two days later, I was sitting in a coffee bar around the corner when I heard a voice behind me say, "did you ever find the scarf you were looking for?" I turned around and was amazed to see the same pretty girl from the clothes store. We laughed about it and shared a coffee together.

Two weeks later, I was brave enough to ask Clare to go to see a movie with me. You can imagine how unhappy I was when she said that she couldn't go with me. She promised to call me another time, but I didn't believe her. The next morning, my cell phone rang and I recognized her number on the screen. She said she was free and asked if I still wanted to go to the cinema. That was seven years ago and now we've been married for nearly 5 years.


Find words that mean:

1. something to cover your neck
2. smartly
3. divide something between two or more people
4. courageous
5. remember something visually from an earlier time
6. feel uncomfortable in a situation

Reading Comprehension

Answer these questions with either true or false.

a. Clark felt embarrassed because he was meeting Clare for the first time.
b. Clark didn't know if his sister wanted a scarf, a hat or a pair of gloves.
c. Clark bought a scarf from Clare because he thought she was beautiful.
d. Clark and Clare had a coffee a couple of days after meeting for the first time.
e. Clark was a little worried about asking Clare out.
f. Clare didn't go to the cinema with Clark because she was busy.
g. They got married two years after meeting for the first time. Premium

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