Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students complete sentences using the correct job name.

Jobs Gap Fill Worksheet


For each sentence, choose the best job to fill the gap.

1. When I'm sick, I see a __DOCTOR__.

2. When my house is burning, I call a __FIREMAN/FIREFIGHTER__.

3. When I see a thief, I call a __POLICEMAN/POLICEWOMAN/POLICE OFFICER__.

4. When my tooth hurts, I see a __DENTIST__.

5. When my hair is long, I see a __BARBER/HAIRDRESSER__.

6. When my suit is dirty, I go to a __DRY CLEANER'S__.

7. When my dog is sick, I see a __VET__.

8. When I need glasses, I see aN __OPTICIAN__.

9. When I need money, I speak to a __BANKER__.

10. When my English is bad, I go to a __TEACHER__.

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