Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Students get practice of elementary verb patterns in this gap fill exercise.

Verb Patterns Gap Fill


Fill the spaces in each question with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  1. If you don't enjoy ______ (study), why are you doing it?
  2. I'm learning ______ (cook) Japanese, but it's very difficult.
  3. We can't leave until Jeremy finishes ______ (pack) all his suitcases.
  4. I don't mind ______ (go) on the bus, but I hate travelling by car.
  5. Can you let me ______ (watch) the TV for an hour? There's a film on.
  6. Stop ______ (make) so much noise, I'm studying!
  7. His mother promised ______ (buy) him a computer if he was good.
  8. You shouldn't ______ (smoke) because you are too young.

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