Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Students choose either the positive or negative form of the verb 'to be' in the past.

"To Be" Past Worksheet


Use the correct form of the verb "to be" in the past for each space.

1. I __WASN'T__ happy with that restaurant last night. The food __WAS__ cold and the waiter __WASN'T__ very friendly.

2. "__WERE__ you with Helen on Saturday?" "No, I __WASN'T__. She __WAS__ on vacation."

3. It __WAS__ a national holiday yesterday so everything __WAS__ closed.

4. The movie __WASN'T__ very good. It __WAS__ really boring.

5. These shoes __WEREN'T__ expensive. They __WERE__ on offer.

6. __WAS__ the package at the post office?

7. The music __WAS__ too loud at the concert. I have a headache today.

8. I _WASN'T___ here last week because I __WAS__ ill.

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