Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Where was everybody at 8pm last night. Students use the past of 'to be' to write a police report about everyone's whereabouts.

The Police Report


Write where these people were last night at 8pm. The first one has been done for you.

Sarah - the cinema
Mike and Jenny - an Italian restaurant
Peter - the shopping mall
Edward and his sister - the bowling center
Cynthia - at home
Dr. Smith - at the hospital
Samantha - at the airport
Richard and his girlfriend - at the disco

1. Sarah was at the cinema.

2. Mike and Jenny were at an Italian restaurant.

3. Peter was at the shopping mall.

4. Edward and his sister were at the bowling center.

5. Cynthia was at home.

6. Dr. Smith was at the hospital.

7. Samantha was at the airport.

8. Richard and his girlfriend were at the disco.

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