Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> After reading 'The Hodgsons Can' text, students can do this true/false reading comprehension exercise.

The Hodgsons Can! - True/False


Are the following sentences about the "The Hodgsons Can!" reading True or False?

  1. Thomas Hodgson is 56 years old.
  2. He goes running every day near his house.
  3. Thomas runs for a local team.
  4. Thomas can't speak any foreign languages.
  5. Judy teaches her students to speak other languages.
  6. The Hodgsons have two children.
  7. Robbie can run 100m very quickly.
  8. He also goes flying in a hang-glider every Thursday.
  9. Janine is 19 and she is similar to her mother.
  10. Clara is only nine years old and she can bake cakes.

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