Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> After reading 'The Hodgsons Can' text, students can do this gap fill reading comprehension exercise.

The Hodgsons Can! - Gap Fill


Put one word into each gap to complete the sentence.

  1. The family lives in the American state of ________.
  2. ________ is the name of the father.
  3. He likes swimming and ________.
  4. He ________ speak any foreign languages.
  5. Judy speaks English and ________ other languages.
  6. Judy is a ________.
  7. Robbie can't run far, but he can run ________.
  8. When Janine and Judy speak French, ________ in the family can understand them!
  9. Clara can ________ very good cakes.
  10. Her family ________ the cakes.

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