Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Students read sentences in the past simple about famous historical events, correcting those that are wrong.

The History Lesson


Read the sentences and correct those that are wrong. The first has been done for you.

1. JFK died in 1965.
No he didn't. He died in 1963.

2. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

3. Shakespeare wrote King Lear.

4. Elvis Presley sang Heartbreak Hotel in 1956. CORRECT

5. The Berlin Wall opened in 1989.

6. The United States declared independence in 1776.

7. The Russians sent Sputnik into space in 1957. CORRECT

8. Two men landed on the Moon in 1969.

9. The French had a revolution in 1789. CORRECT

10. The Wright brothers flew a plane in 1903.

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