Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> A dialogue between an angry boss and her colleague. Present continuous gap fill.

The Angry Boss


Read this dialogue between Amanda, the boss, and her colleague, David. Fill in the spaces with verbs in the present continuous.

Amanda: David, can you come in here please?
David: Yes, Amanda?
Amanda: What _____________ (do) on the Carson deal at the moment?
David: Many things. I _____________ (collect) a list of fax numbers and e-mail addresses and I _____________ (send) important documents to the others on the Carson team.
Amanda: It's not enough. Things _____________ (move) too slowly on the deal. I want everybody working on this. I _____________ (work) on this every day until midnight. Even my doctor husband _____________ (help) me and I _____________ (sleep) only five hours a night. I'm exhausted!
David: I'm sorry, Amanda. It's true everything _____________ (happen) too slowly. What do you want me to tell the others on the team?
Amanda: What _____________ (do) now?
David: Well, Mary _____________ (prepare) a brochure, Charlie _____________ (do) the financial side and Kate _____________ (update) the website.
Amanda: You need to do more, David. We can meet next week and see if things are better.

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