Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use the past simple of regular and irregular verbs to complete the sentences.

Regular and Irregular Past Simple Gap Fill


Complete each sentence using the verbs in the brackets. Think carefully about regular and irregular verbs!

1. My sister ________ (buy) a beautiful leather jacket yesterday. It was so expensive.

2. Can you tell me if the 6.43 train to Chicago ________ (leave) on time or not?

3. Don't give me that book, I ________ (read) it last year and hated it!

4. Every Sunday when I was a child, the whole family ________ (visit) my grandparents in the country.

5. My wife ________ (watch) a horror movie on TV last night until midnight.

6. I didn't write that letter, Pete. Your brother ________ (write) it.

7. The hotel was great and so quiet too. We ________ (sleep) so well. Today, I feel very relaxed.

8. We hope that you ________ (enjoy) your stay with us. Come again soon!

bought left read visited watched wrote slept enjoyed

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