Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> A choice between present simple or present continuous in this worksheet.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Gap Fill Worksheet 3


Complete these sentences with either present simple or present continuous.

1. There's a man who __STANDS__ (stand) on the street corner at the same time every day.

2. The regional manager __IS ATTENDING__ (attend) a meeting at the moment.

3. Look! The elephants __ARE DRINKING__ (drink) from the pond.

4. John __ISN'T WORKING__ (not work) this week. He's on vacation.

5. I __AM LOOKING__ (look) for Christina. Do you know where she is?

6. Her favorite TV show __STARTS__ (start) at 7pm on Tuesdays.

7. Everyone is worried that the company __IS LOSING__ (lose) so much money. They are worried about losing their jobs.

8. The brothers __DON'T OWN__ (not own) a dog, but they __ARE THINKING__ (think) of buying one.

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