Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> A choice between present simple or present continuous in this worksheet.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Gap Fill Worksheet 2


Complete these sentences with either present simple or present continuous.

1. __DO YOU SPEAK__ (speak) French? Go and ask directions from that man.

2. My uncle __WORKS__ (work) at the zoo, but I __DON'T KNOW__ (not know) exactly what he __DOES__ (do).

3. Hello, Cindy. Beth __IS EATING__ (eat) her dinner at the moment. She can call you later. __DOES SHE HAVE__ (have) your number?

4. The train normally __LEAVES__ (leave) on time but it's late today because it __IS SNOWING__ (snow).

5. Alice and her roommate are angry because the boy in the next room always __PLAYS__ (play) his music too loud.

6. My father __LETS__ (let) my brother play computer games on Saturday mornings.

7. Neil and Steve __ARE WALKING__ (walk) to the beach because the bus __DOESN'T RUN__ (not run) on Sundays.

8. The manager of the supermarket always __CLOSES__ (close) the door at 7pm.

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