Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> A choice between present simple or present continuous in this worksheet.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Gap Fill Worksheet 1


Complete these sentences with either present simple or present continuous.

1. Can you stop talking? I ________ (study) and it's hard to concentrate.

2. Mike ________ (play) the guitar in a local rock band.

3. Jackie ________ (not play) very well. Let's take him off and put Webster on.

4. Take your big coat with you, it ________ (rain).

5. Somebody ________ (bang) on the door. I think it's that Mrs. Jensen who ________ (live) opposite.

6. Teacher, can you explain that again. I ________ (not understand) it.

7. Why ________ (watch) TV when you ________ (have) all that homework to do?

8. Tammy is out in the garden. She ________ (clean) the pool. She ________ (love) cleaning it!

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