Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> In these present continuous sentences, either the present participle or another word is mis-spelt.

Present Continuous: Spelling Errors


Look at these Present Continuous sentences. In some sentences, the present participle (e.g. going) is spelt wrong. In other sentences, another word is spelt wrong. Find the mis-spelt word.

  1. Are you still reading the computer magazzine, Jeremy?
  2. I can't speak to you now. Martha is cooking spagetti in the kitchen and dinner is nearly ready.
  3. If you are speaking to the pilot, who is flying the plain?
  4. Why is that sweater moveing? There's a dog under it!
  5. Hi, Bill. What are you doing now? Are you still writeing that report?
  6. What is the woman saying on TV. I can't here her.
  7. Is your mother still geting those bad headaches?
  8. My secretary is typeing the letter very quickly.

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