Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Different personality adjectives are put into sentences with gaps.

Personality Adjectives


Fill the gap with one of the following personality adjectives.

lazy   helpful   generous   mean   jealous   selfish   funny   greedy

1. He always wants to know where his girlfriend is going. He's a bit ________ I think.

2. Sheila didn't want to give me 50 cents for the bus this morning. She's so ________!

3. Can you be ________ and lift that box onto the table for me? Thanks.

4. Brian is quite ________, always thinking of himself.

5. I collected money for an animal charity last week and so many ________ people gave money. We raised nearly $1000!

6. Tim, leave your sister's cake alone. You're so ________!

7. My dad is very ________, always telling jokes and laughing.

8. Get up, it's nearly eleven o'clock you ________ boy!

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